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Energetic Cleanse

 Being around someone with lousy energy is one thing, but when the energy in your home doesn't feel quite right, it's time to take action. An energy cleanse "moves on" energy that feels old, dense or negative within a home, room, shop, apartment...anywhere in fact!


The healing power of smudging

An energetic purification ritual to cleanse your living or working space, inviting positive energy and harmony into your life.


  • If you sense negative energy in your home, office, or any place, it's essential to address it promptly.

  • An energy cleansing ritual helps release stagnant or unfavorable energy from various spaces.

  • By utilizing Reiki energy, sound, smudging, and focused intention, I will visit your location to perform an energetic cleanse.


Signs your home needs an energetic cleanse.

  • tired and uninspired

  • poor sleep (with no medical reason)

  • lack of motivation or interest

  • increased procrastination

  • bad dreams

  • overall feeling uninspired

  • lethargy

  • more frequent arguments with other people living in the home

  • Moving into a new home


The allocated time may vary depending on a variety of reasons.​ 

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