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Reiki Energy Healing for children 

Reiki energy healing treatments are safe and non-invasive. 

Children of all ages today are dealing with anxiety, fears, peer pressures, and educational pressures and these pressures have only accelerated by the impact of the coronavirus. This anxiety is manifesting itself with children becoming withdrawn, depressed and socially isolated. Reiki Energy healing is balancing - meaning it can benefit any child regardless of the type of “disorder” or "dis-ease" and can provide soothing moments for parents and children alike. Reiki has been helpful in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, inattentiveness, irritability, emotional issues, and hyperactivity. Since Reiki works on all levels of the body, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, it will use the energy to find balance in its own way. It will adjust to the moment and the needs of the individual child. As a practitioner, I can be in the same room with you & your child, offering the energy gently, without touching or even being near the child. We can spend time with your child, playing or colouring but most importantly letting them guide the session. As the child becomes more comfortable and the energy begins to work, changes can be made to how the child receives Reiki. Changes may come gradually as with many other natural healing techniques and we make the healing journey together at the pace you & your child are comfortable with.

Reiki for Children
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