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Healing Imprint Sessions 

Ever found a beautiful divination tool but felt you couldn't connect with it? 

Introducing you to Natsukashii Healing Imprint sessions where I use the power of Reiki, Sound and intention to energetically imprint you onto a crystal grid or set of runes. Making these a very unique, personalized and powerful tool for you to invite the universe to whisper. 

 Reiki Imprint Sessions
Crystal grid imprint session

Crystal Grid Imprints

This 1.5 hour experience allows you the opportunity to select your very own handmade Natsukashii crystal grid and the crystals you feel drawn too.  

You will select your own crystal grid, using touch sight or even smell to keep.

We will then explore the healing properties of crystals and you will personally select your crystals to use on the crystal grid.


To conclude you will receive a healing session where I use Reiki Energy where I will imprint both you & the grid together.


The crystal grids are available in 2 designs: Seed of life & Fairy Star.

 $125 inc GST ( 12-15cms grid ) 

 Rune Imrpint Session

Rune Imprints

This 1-hour experience invites you to select your very own set of handmade runes and together we will explore the meanings behind each rune. and discuss greater insights.

To conclude you will receive a Reiki healing, where I will energetically attach you with your chosen set of runes making them a very individual, powerful & personal divination tool



$100 inc GST and include your own set of runes & reiki healing. 

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