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Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and soul as one. Through an integrative & supportive approach, I help you discover the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you.


Find out about my healing offerings more below.

Reiki Energy Healing


Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help.  As an experienced Reiki Master, I work with you to restore your balance and find your center.

Crystal & Intuitive Healing

I use various methods to both align and keep your mind, body and soul in balance. As a progressive Crystal & Intuitive Healer, I believe in nurturing rather than battling against the body.  

Reiki Energy Healing for Children 

Reiki Energy healing is balancing - meaning it can benefit any child regardless of the type of “disorder” or "dis-ease" and can provide soothing moments for parents and children alike.

Devine Guidance 

My psychic guidance comes from a deep soul level and unconditional love. My clients find that the channeled messages they receive from their spirits and angels provide extremely helpful and healing guidance. 

Invite the universe to whisper. 

Energetic Cleanse

An energetic cleansing ritual to purify your home, office or space, attracting positive energy and bringing peace and light into your life. 

Using sound, reiki energy and the power of intention .

Imprint Ceremonies 

Ever found a beautiful divination tool but felt you couldn't really connect with it ?


Imprint sessions are an opportunity to energetically and wholeheartedly connect with  a Natsukashii Healing crystal grid or rune set. 

Meditation & Breath-work

Since 2021, I’ve been a meditation & breath-work facilitator with one goal in mind: to guide those who seek to strengthen their bodies and live a life of purpose and well-being through meditation & breath-work.

Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy & Ice bathing is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. The benefits of cold exposure include, but aren't limited to, reduced inflammation, boosts immune system, improves circulation to name just a few. 


Satisfaction Guarantee

My number 1 purpose is to offer an environment of total comfort, relaxation and peace that allows you the opportunity to drift off to another time where there is no stress, no worries & no concerns and therefore giving the body time to heal itself using the magic of Reiki healing energy! 


My healing space is a place of total compassion & understanding - never any judgement.

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